Does your metabolism slow with age?

Dieter Clara from Price, Utah, is a cherished mother, grandmother, and wife. Her commitment to her family shines through her voice during her interview. Along the path of raising her six children, Clara maintained her petite figure. She hadn't need to pay much attention to how or what she ate.  When her youngest son reached his teenage years, Clara's free ride on the thin-waist train had come to an end. She started to slowly gain weight. The typical outlook in this situation is that Clara's metabolism had slowed with age. She should just accept that there isn't much she can do to change her weight; it was out of her control. With Plan Z, she learned that growing older in years doesn't have to mean growing larger in size.

Clara lost 27 pounds with Plan Z. She loved that Plan Z wasn't a temporary fix. This program provides an education that lasts a lifetime. She found Plan Z to be a versatile program that can fit many different lifestyles and routines. She recounts numerous resources that helped her along the way, a comprehensive index in the manual, little hints that come in the form of daily emails, and support from Zola and the ZTeam whenever she needed it. Now Clara has the know-how to maintain her weight and still enjoy her favorite homemade peanut butter fudge.