Dave’s interview took place after he lost 40 pounds. He kept losing and has now lost over 70 pounds.


“So, when that first digit on your weight changes to a 3##, your motivation changes.

At least it did with me.

I didn’t get depressed, I got ANGRY. Why was I so fat?!

I heard about the Plan Z Diet and wanted to try it. Little did I know that it wasn’t that I was eating too much, I was eating the wrong stuff.

So with some determination and a little bit of sacrifice (that was made a lot easier with the ZR50 crave control spray), I lost 70+ pounds!

I have also stopped most of my medications, still working on that last pill. My knees don’t ache when I get out of bed anymore.

I was so successful, that both my sisters also started the plan.

I feel so much better and don’t feel like the biggest guy in the room anymore.”

Dave Stanford,
93.1 FM – WDHR
Today’s Best Country