Our dieters are real people (not celebrities with personal chefs and personal trainers). Christie reached her goal in two rounds of Plan Z and is maintaining her perfect weight.



Dear Zola,

I just wanted to share a success story with you and your Team. I went through my first reduction in September-October 2011 and did a second reduction Jan-Feb 2012. I went from 205 to 180 after my first reduction and 180 to 165 on my second. I have successfully maintained my weight at around 168 since last February with Z Life. I just listened to the 2nd Tuesday call from Jan 2013 and felt compelled to let you know how much I appreciate the ongoing education and continued access to the online information. Thank you! I feel a huge difference in my day to day life since starting plan Z. I really look forward to the 2nd Tuesday calls each month even though I can never seem to make them LIVE. I am trying to spread the word out here in the Pittsburgh area among my friends who are still asking from time to time how I did it.

I may even be ready to take my weight down even further now that I have made the life changes that give me confidence that I won’t gain it back.

Again Thank You,