No More Fat Clothes for Fat Months

"Three wonderful words....I'M A Z-LIFER!

Here is my story.

My whole life (and I mean my whole life) I've been 25 lbs overweight. Back to school shopping for me meant the shopping in the "chubby" section at Sears. I was terrified when I was fitted in front of the other ballerinas for our dance recital costumes. My little chubby face would turn beet red and my stomach would be churning until the measurements were taken. My Dad called me "pleasantly plump" and [would] tell me I was just like his sisters having "big bones."

From elementary school, I moved into junior high and high school still 25 lbs more than I'd like to be. I think I was the youngest person at Weight Watchers meetings and over the course of my life even became a Lifetime Member. In fact, they asked me to become a WW team member and be the leader of our local meetings. I think they saw in me the thousands of dollars I spent over my life at WWs so why not have her "teach." Not for me...[I] must not be a very good student or believer because I lost and regained those same 25 lbs more times than I wish to remember. Besides Weight Watchers I did the egg and fruit diet, ate only graham crackers and an apple every day of my senior year, tried eating only fat-free products and convinced myself that Diet Coke was my "salvation."

Through this whole time, I still remained 25 lbs overweight and this continued throughout college and my 3 pregnancies.

Then in 2013, I found Plan Z. Two friends were very successful on it so I picked their brains and ordered my first round. Being 25 lbs once again overweight doesn't sound like a ton of weight to lose but for me, it had truly been a lifetime.

I followed ZReduction to the tee with very little cheating going thru both Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas. SUCCESS! I lost 26 lbs and kept it off for 6-8 months. Slowly I put back on 15 lbs and went back on ZReduction for the second time. It worked again because I worked the whole program and got my mind wrapped around the education part of the Plan. My daughter also joined me on Plan Z plus my sister and we all looked fabulous at my daughters June 2016 wedding.

Fast forward to December 26, 2017...I ate myself through Christmas and drank my red wine and cocktails where ever I went. I was up 15 lbs once again from my happy place so ordered Plan Z for the third time and vowed it will be the last. It takes a few weeks to get over the headaches and detoxing and I always ask myself "why do you keep doing this to yourself?" Slow learner is my only answer. Success once again....lost those unwanted 15 and am happily in reboot enjoying my food. I've always been a foodie and enjoy cooking so your recipes Zola have become family favorites.

Besides the recipes, education support, Tuesday chats and talking to you during stalls I'm finally heading to be a Z lifer. My clothes feel so more have fat clothes for fat months....only clothes I love to wear in my size. Never again will I take the same 25 lbs off!! It's my personal commitment. I'M FINALLY AN EDUCATED EATER....Such a good place to be for the rest of my life.

Thanks, Zola.....You have literally saved me from this 25 lb spiral and for that I'm extremely grateful."

Sincerely, Margo

It's a Whole New World

"It's a whole new world! My life's back! That's the best part. I feel like I got my life back," says Dieter Dave after he lost 58 pounds on his first round of ZReduction. Dave has always been a runner; running 2-4 miles a day since his freshman year in high school but that wasn't enough to keep the weight off.

"All the miles on the treadmill, 4 to 6 to 8 miles a night. I'd do that for days on end and maybe at the end of 3 months [I'd] be down 15 pounds.  How hard it was on the knees and the ankles and the hips and all that compression on the joints but I thought I was doing the right thing."

Like most of us, Dave thought that more exercise and smaller portions was the solution until he received a new education on healthy eating from Plan Z.  Now, Dave eats more food then he did before. In fact, he's had comments from family members saying, "Look at all that food! I've never eaten that much in my life."  Dave found more benefits than a full plate.  He found a whole new world free from lower back and knee pain. He was able to get off his blood pressure medications too.  Now, his wife has hard time keeping up with him.

We asked Dave for some advice to our new dieters and he said, "Be patient.  You're going to be so surprised when you get up every morning and step on that scale."

Congratulations Dave!

Listen to his story below:

Pastry Chef Reaps the Benefits of New Food Habits

Real People Lose Real Weight Real Fast

Listen to successful Plan Z Diet Insiders describe what it’s like. Chris, our VP of Anger Management talks to our insiders about their successes and their struggles. Our clients inspire us and we hope they will inspire you, too.

Dieter Ashley is a professional pastry chef. She has made some major life adjustments because of her involvement with Plan Z. And she is reaping the benefits. Her story will inform and inspire you toward your own diet success.

Listen to her story below:

After losing 37 pounds I feel 100% better

After David saw a long time friend of his have great success on Plan Z, he decided to try it for himself.

"I had handicapped plates on my car, and I was walking with a cane because I was in a lot of pain. And I spend an enormous amount of money on just my medication every month and my insulin (because I'm a diabetic). And I thought, you know, either I'm going to have to just lay down and die, or I'm going to have to do something about it."

Although he was skeptical because of a negative experience with the Atkins diet, he ordered Plan Z and committed to the program. He stayed true to the program and followed it consistently. After 50 days, Dave lost 37 pounds. He was amazed, and his doctor was very impressed. Not only did Dave lose a lot of weight, but he no longer needed the high levels of diabetes medication that he was taking before.

"I don't park in the handicap parking anymore, I leave that for somebody else who really needs it. I park further away but that's ok because I don't need a cane anymore. I feel 100% better...I just can't believe how much 37 pounds made a difference in my life. It's incredible."

Listen to his inspirational interview.

"I've been really educated. Very educated. The videos and the stuff that you send us - I never miss one, I watch everything....I've learned how to eat. You wouldn't think that's something I would have to learn, but I learned what to eat and not to eat....

"If you're going to commit to this, commit to it 100%. It's not nearly as bad as you think as far as diets go. Nobody likes the word diet, but -- wow. Once you start losing weight, and you will, you'll be encouraged. Every time you look down at the scale it's going to give you that much encouragement...This is a commitment, it's a lifetime change, it's a change for the better, you'll feel better, you'll look better, and your doctor will like you better. I guarantee it."

-- Dieter Dave

The best arthritis pain killer that I've ever had

"I finally get it. I finally had someone tell me the truth about what I should put in my body and what I shouldn't put in my body....The education that you and Zola have given me is just second to none...I know without a doubt that I'm going to eat healthy for the rest of my life." -- Dieter Jim

Dieter Jim is a sixty-two-year-old truck driver who has it figured out. Obviously he’s figured out how to lose weight. He lost 46 pounds in his very first 50-day round of ZReduction.

He’s also learned how to fuel his body.
Even when he eats lunch in his truck.

He works the loading dock in the morning. He’s in and out of that truck twelve hours a day, five days a week. At 248 pounds, he used to come home exhausted. And very sore.

No more.

Listen to his story. He’ll tell you about the good news he got from his doctor at his last checkup. Plus, he had some great news for his doctor.

Find out why going to the supermarket has become a new adventure.
And hear why he sometimes yells at the radio as he’s driving.

It’s all good:
His weight.
His health.

And his dedication maintaining both of them.


As a diabetic, Plan Z changed my life

"You're not on a diet for the rest of your life, you've just been educated on what you should and should not eat." - Dieter Jay

Dieter Jay is a numbers guy. He is incredibly analytical, and after a lot of deliberation, decided to do Plan Z. He took the Plan Z education very seriously and got excited as he applied what he learned - and got immediate results. After an impressive 33 pound loss on Plan Z, he dropped 6 pant sizes, and even though he is a diabetic, his blood glucose levels (unexpectedly) normalized. He has more energy, more stamina, and his doctor happily took him off his diabetes medication because Jay's blood sugar levels are now under control.

"I averaged a blood glucose level of 156 for a couple of months prior to starting the plan using my little portable meter. During the 6 weeks on ZReduction I averaged 110. I was taking two, 500 mg Metformin pills a day as I have been since I was diagnosed a couple of years ago. After my annual physical in mid-July this year, my doctor reduced my medication to one pill a day for the next two weeks, and then he had me stop taking the pill completely. During the two weeks of half-medication I've averaged 118 and after stopping completely, I've averaged 121. So obviously, the meter doesn't lie....

Unless you educate yourself and really understand what's going on, you can count those calories all day long, but it's the types of foods you're in-taking with those calories...[and] you have to understand how it's impacting your body.... 

I'm not saying all diabetics can come off their medications or no longer be a diabetic, but there can be no doubt that the educational benefits are significant. And simply losing the weight and knowing what to eat can have an impact on a diabetic's health. Or, for that matter, on the average person's health especially if you've been diagnosed as pre-diabetic."

-- Dieter Jay

Listen to his motivating interview.


After 7 Weeks of Learning I've Lost 26 Pounds

“I reached out to Plan Z Diet two months ago for help. You know me. I love my craft beer, my burritos, my red wine, and my iced coffees. I like to live life and have fun. But recently it became too much.

The picture on the left is from March at GnashVegas. Truth is, I photoshopped the picture when I initially posted it. I made my arms and face smaller so I was comfortable enough to make it public. Why am I living like this?!?! Photoshop can save my pictures, but it can't save me in real life.

Plan Z didn't ask me to post this. I'm just ecstatic enough to personally share with you my results. After completing almost seven weeks of proper education and guidance from Plan Z, I've lost 26 pounds, and besides red-eye removal, the current photo of me on the right remains untouched!!"

Hayley St John
102.9 FM WBUZ
Nashville, TN

Here Comes the Bride: Taunya Iverson

In Owensboro, KY, Cromwell Radio General Manager Taunya was buying shirts that were long because she was trying to hide. After viewing herself in some pictures she said, "Oh my god what have I done!"

She had recently seen a coworker who had lost a lot of weight and kept it off, and asked them how they did it. The answer was Plan Z.

"I just need to do this and get back to being myself"

Fast forward to today and she's lost 45 lbs.

She no longer feels bloated, and no longer needs to drink mountain dew to keep herself awake.

Taunya started Plan Z shortly after deciding to marry the love of her life.

By the time she went for her 2nd wedding dress fitting she was 4 sizes smaller than when she had picked the dress out, making quite a bit of work for the seamstress.

Now Taunya has also fallen in love with the Plan Z recipes. Some of them she knows by heart!

And her 17-year-old son tells her how proud he is of her for sticking with it and kicking those cravings.

Taunya says the most important thing to know is what to eat and what not to eat. With the education she got from Plan Z she's able to keep the weight off, not just lose it.

"Stick with it, it's definitely worth it." -- Taunya


We're incredibly happy for Taunya, and we are celebrating with a sale.

All you have to do is enter the coupon code TAUNYA at checkout. New dieters will save $272, and pay just $597 when you pay in full (that’s a 31% savings).

Need a time payment plan? With this sale, you can still split the cost of Plan Z into four monthly payments.

Plan Z dieters lose an average of 31 pounds in 50 days. The weight comes off in chunks, so you're not in diet mode for months at a time.

Then, you spend six weeks in what we call ZReboot where you learn to keep the weight off permanently. Taunya lost 45 pounds on Plan Z and is thrilled to start her life with her new husband, a renewed body, and a new perspective on her health.

Enter TAUNYA at checkout to get your discount...or call us at 800-255-9853 and start losing.

The Real Deal

"I gotta say Plan Z is the real deal!

I have tried several programs that all ended the same way - gaining the weight back. Zola really made this program to work and help train yourself how to eat and what to eat. The recipes are delicious and super easy to make. All the tools you need to be successful are in the Plan Z manual. I lost 25 lbs and I feel like I didn't have to sacrifice to do so. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone!!

Also, because I lost so much weight I had an online closet sale to get rid of all my XL clothes and in doing so I made $507 - so I won twice!!

Thank you, Zola and team, for making this possible."

Dieter April

No Longer the Big Guy in the Room

Dave's interview took place after he lost 40 pounds. He kept losing and has now lost over 70 pounds.


“So, when that first digit on your weight changes to a 3##, your motivation changes.

At least it did with me.

I didn't get depressed, I got ANGRY. Why was I so fat?!

I heard about the Plan Z Diet and wanted to try it. Little did I know that it wasn't that I was eating too much, I was eating the wrong stuff.

So with some determination and a little bit of sacrifice (that was made a lot easier with the ZR50 crave control spray), I lost 70+ pounds!

I have also stopped most of my medications, still working on that last pill. My knees don't ache when I get out of bed anymore.

I was so successful, that both my sisters also started the plan.

I feel so much better and don't feel like the biggest guy in the room anymore.”

Dave Stanford,
93.1 FM - WDHR
Today's Best Country