The food is actually GOOD. It has taste to it!

When a guy posts on TikTok “I love this diet!” he gets our attention.  This is Dieter Mike from Alexandria, Minnesota.

Mike is down 37 pounds in less than 50 days. When you can, listen to his interview below, but in the meantime, here are a few highlights:

He loves that he gets to eat REAL food. On other diets, he describes his experience with drinking shakes and eating a lot of veggies. On Plan Z he’s eating meatloaf and taco salad… and more.

With all the other diets he did he just gained the weight back – and then some.

He’s a carpenter and a part-time cop. He’s an active guy yet he was hardly ever hungry.

He feels extremely happy and healthy. “The manual is super easy. The food is actually GOOD. It has taste to it!”

He says he’s doing the diet again and his wife is too. She has a hard time getting any weight off on a diet and this time she got off over 20# in the same 48 days.

He’s thrilled that he didn’t have to exercise to make it happen. With the weight off his back no longer hurts.

He also says the diet paid for itself. His friends have told him it seems expensive but then he told them about all the money he’s saved doing Plan Z.

He’s a happy guy.

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Cubmaster Loses Over 80 Pounds

Dieter Neil from Laurel, Mississippi lost 81 pounds with Plan Z. His motivating factor was wanting to be a better role model for his family and the Scouts he leads.

I retired from the Air Force in Sept 2012 after 24yrs. I allowed myself to indulge in all things as a reward for all those years of PT and keeping myself healthy for duty and uniform. Well as you can see, it got out of hand and I was unable to knock the weight off on my own. I would lose 15 or 20lbs on my own and then plateau and get frustrated and stop trying which would lead to gaining it all back. I've been a Cubmaster for Pack 33 in Laurel, MS since 2014 and am now the District Commissioner for our Scouting District as well for the Pine Burr Area Council. I was not setting a good example for my Scouts or my son Tyson, who is 11 and the last child in our household. I knew I had to get healthy again for my son, wife, [the] Scouts, and myself. Plan Z gave me the power to shed the weight and get healthy. I lost 81.1 lbs. and have [kept] it off since May 2017. I feel 15 years younger. My blood work even proves how much healthier I am now with all of my levels at normal or below normal limits whereas before, when I was fat, they were WAAAY over the danger levels.

Thank You Plan Z for literally giving me my life back!

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dieter Glenda lost 32 pounds with Plan Z and it helped her improve her health after receiving a difficult diagnosis.

This has been the easiest diet plan I have ever done. I have always tried the latest diet and wasted so much money. Two years ago I was diagnosed with MS. That was devastating. [The] first thing a neurologist said was [that I needed] to lose weight. I researched as an MS patient sugar, gluten, cow milk and grains are foods to avoid. When I found Plan Z it broke my need for sugar and bread and ice cream. I feel better. I think I look better even though I may still wobble when I walk. Thank you for Plan Z! It is a lifesaver.

Defeating the Weight Loss Ping-Pong

Robynn and Bill are long-distance diet buddies. They live in two different states. Plan Z was actually a Christmas gift, from Robynn to Bill. A gift of a healthier and more consistent future. Robynn’s goal was to lose the post-surgery weight of 15 pounds. Bill wanted to get his weight below 200 pounds. They both achieved their goals and valued different parts of the program. Bill loved the steady drip of education. Robynn loved the recipes. During their interview, she told us, “There was a simplicity in the recipes and they were absolutely delicious.” Now they both have more agency over their health and the tools to maintain control over their weight.


Making healthy lifestyle changes doesn’t mean saying goodbye to treats forever. Just take it from Dieter Bill who said, “If you’re an epicurean like I am, there is no need to be deprived on Plan Z at all. You’re going to find stuff that you love and it’s really good.”

Weight Loss after 40

Dieter Claire from Hattiesburg, MS challenged the population notion that there’s no chance of losing weight once you become middle-aged. Claire’s mother told her, “If you don’t get that weight off from the four kids by the time you’re 40, you’ll never lose it.” Claire proved this assumption is false when she lost 50 pounds with Plan Z. She also transformed her relationship with food.  She used to think of food as an enemy because she could never lose weight no matter how much she reduced her portions. The Plan Z protocol shifted Claire’s focus to macronutrients and wholesome food choices and she was surprised at how satiated she felt. In her interview, she said, “How can I be so full at lunch, be so full at dinner and wake up in the morning and lose weight?” Her mom would call this “Voodoo!”

Claire's 50-pound transformation shocked her friends, her doctor, and even her grandchildren. If you've been thinking about improving your health or shrinking your waist, take Dieter Claire's advice and, "Don't ever let anyone tell you it's too late to try."

Does your metabolism slow with age?

Dieter Clara from Price, Utah, is a cherished mother, grandmother, and wife. Her commitment to her family shines through her voice during her interview. Along the path of raising her six children, Clara maintained her petite figure. She hadn't need to pay much attention to how or what she ate.  When her youngest son reached his teenage years, Clara's free ride on the thin-waist train had come to an end. She started to slowly gain weight. The typical outlook in this situation is that Clara's metabolism had slowed with age. She should just accept that there isn't much she can do to change her weight; it was out of her control. With Plan Z, she learned that growing older in years doesn't have to mean growing larger in size.

Clara lost 27 pounds with Plan Z. She loved that Plan Z wasn't a temporary fix. This program provides an education that lasts a lifetime. She found Plan Z to be a versatile program that can fit many different lifestyles and routines. She recounts numerous resources that helped her along the way, a comprehensive index in the manual, little hints that come in the form of daily emails, and support from Zola and the ZTeam whenever she needed it. Now Clara has the know-how to maintain her weight and still enjoy her favorite homemade peanut butter fudge.

A New Lease on Life

Dieter Jay is an educator from Franklin, Tennessee, and a father of a teenage son.  He started Plan Z two months into the pandemic weighing in at 373 pounds.  He knew that being overweight could have disastrous implications if he were to contract COVID-19.  So he ditched the drive-throughs and made the leap to Plan Z. Jay lost 120 pounds and has a goal to lose even more. Beyond the numerous health benefits he experienced from his incredible weight loss, Jay gained a shift in perspective.  He learned that cooking can be fun and that it wasn't as terribly inconvenient as he had once thought. During his interview he told Chris, "I found a new relationship with food: cooking, experimenting, and playing."

Pictured above is Dieter Jay during his Zoom interview with our VP of Anger Management, Chris Lytle.

After losing what Jay jokes was the weight of his son off his back, he's seeing the impact his choices have on his role as a father and mentor. Jay's commitment to his health brought about a sense of accomplishment and liberation. This might be one of our favorite interviews. It is heartfelt and poignant.  Jay reminds us that truly taking care of ourselves requires prioritizing prevention. Before Plan Z, Dieter Jay was heading in the wrong direction fast. Now at 253 pounds, he is feeling better both physically and emotionally and has experienced a lasting shift in his mindset. Plan Z may have provided him with the tools, but it was Jay's dedication and motivation that steered this journey towards success. Jay shared with us his keys to success when he said,

"The marriage of the behavior and the education and the support is what really made the difference for me.  You guys saved my life, so thank you."

"I wish I didn't wait so long."

Dieter Gina is a charming and cheerful mother from Henderson, Tennessee. She has done a lot of diets and she calls Plan Z “the diet to end all diets.” After losing 25 pounds in just 50 days, Gina feels more positive. She has less joint pain and she feels better in her clothes. She was amazed by “how fast and easily the weight came off.” During her interview in August 2020, she told us, “I’m in love. This is it!”

Gina loved the recipes, the daily coaching emails, and the results. Plan Z provides a steady drip of education backed by science. Once she got the education, she realized she’d been “doing it wrong [her] whole life!” Plan Z has more than 900 recipes and for Gina, they were the key to her success. The recipes were her favorite part of the diet. She loved them enough to fill a three-inch binder! She didn’t have to cook a different meal for the rest of the family. They could have larger portions. She said, “My husband loves them and my son is trying new things and that is incredible.” Gina made the switch from processed foods to cooking real food. And her food budget didn’t budge.

The cost of Plan Z gets your attention. It may even deter you at first. Here's Gina's thought on the topic, “The cost may have been the thing that hindered my decision at first. Looking back, I wish I didn’t wait so long. Just do it because it is life-changing.”

Listening to her interview is sure to put a smile on your face. ? We sure enjoyed interviewing this tenacious woman!

Husband and Wife Lose 130 Pounds Together

James and Peggy are husband and wife educators from Owensboro, KY. They're intelligent, health-minded, and very active. Unfortunately, they were also overweight -- and couldn't seem to combat the pounds that gradually crept on over the years.

Something wasn't right. James owned a lawn care business and played basketball once a week. He was on his feet all day long. Peggy was clocking in over 20,000 steps a day. She did cardio 5 days a week. They were constantly exercising and reducing their caloric intake, but they couldn't lose that extra weight no matter what they tried. Peggy was beyond frustrated. In a moment of frustration, she stood up and said to her husband, "I don't care what it costs, we've GOT to do something!!!"

James and Peggy joined Plan Z together. Even with very different dietary needs (Peggy is a vegetarian and James is a carnivore), they successfully lost 130 pounds between them. James, who was used to waking up at 5 am to exercise before he went to work, says:

"It was probably the easiest weight that I've lost...the only effort I had to put into it was the cooking."

Peggy spent the last 20 years following the food pyramid, eating low-fat foods, consuming diet sodas, dousing her tea with SweetN’ low, and obsessing over cardio-based exercise thinking these efforts would help her manage her weight. These strategies never helped her lose weight. In fact, she was steadily gaining each year. It only took her nine months to lose 50 pounds on Plan Z.

Besides the incredible weight loss, Peggy experienced numerous health benefits. James told us that before Plan Z, his wife would wake up five, six, or even seven days a week with a migraine. Incredibly, Peggy hasn’t woken to a single migraine since she started Plan Z in April of 2020. She told us in her interview:

“Just my energy level, my mind clarity, my no headaches…I just feel so much healthier, and it’s what I’m putting in my body.”

After returning to work from shutdowns and school closures during the pandemic, James and Peggy’s coworkers were blown away by their transformation. Everyone wanted to know their secret. They both looked fantastic. And when curious friends heard what the costs for Plan Z were, they were shocked again. James said, "They thought I was [going to] say $2000.”

When you sign up as Buddies, you each get $100 off the price of Plan Z. Peggy will tell you that, “The money is no object for your health.” And Plan Z is the diet to end all diets. Just take it from James. One of the things he loves about Plan Z is that it's not designed to keep you coming back forever. “When you’re done, you’re done.”

There are even more reasons to try Plan Z today. Listen to the full interview below to hear them for yourself!


I've Eaten Naked, Boring Food for Years

Dieter Mackenzie is from Myrtle Beach, SC. The photos above depict her total weight loss of 50 pounds. She was on another diet before Plan Z and when asked to compare her experience on both diet plans she said, “[There is] a lot more food on Plan Z. I can eat a lot more variety of food as well. And I’m not hungry...the big thing is, I get a lot more information and support. When something not going perfectly, I can ask someone...and I don’t feel lost.”

After receiving education on healthy eating from Plan Z, Mackenzie is eating more food each day than she did when she was pregnant. She is replacing fast food, simple carbohydrates, and chemical laden processed foods with quality meats, omega-3 rich nuts, and fresh produce. In fact, during her interview, she mentions, “When I get my rib-eye steak from the store, I don’t get the little lady steak, I get the big man steak now.”

She cannot say enough good things about the recipes she gets access to with Plan Z. She has been inspired to invest more in upgrading her kitchen.

Our VP of Anger Management, Chris Lytle, asked her, “How does it feel to be 50 pounds lighter?"
Dieter Mackenzie provided an impressive list of health benefits:

  • Better sleep and no more need for daytime naps
  • Reduced thyroid medication. Mackenzie was able to cut the dose of one medication in half and eliminate the other one entirely.
  • Improved cognitive thinking
  • More dreams!
  • Less body pain in her knees, lower back, and feet
  • “I feel much younger!”

Have a listen to her interview below.