“I reached out to Plan Z Diet two months ago for help. You know me. I love my craft beer, my burritos, my red wine, and my iced coffees. I like to live life and have fun. But recently it became too much.

The picture on the left is from March at GnashVegas. Truth is, I photoshopped the picture when I initially posted it. I made my arms and face smaller so I was comfortable enough to make it public. Why am I living like this?!?! Photoshop can save my pictures, but it can’t save me in real life.

Plan Z didn’t ask me to post this. I’m just ecstatic enough to personally share with you my results. After completing almost seven weeks of proper education and guidance from Plan Z, I’ve lost 26 pounds, and besides red-eye removal, the current photo of me on the right remains untouched!!”

Hayley St John
102.9 FM WBUZ
Nashville, TN